Biomechanical Assessment Gold Coast

Are you a long distance athlete that continually experiences niggles when increasing the kilometres or changing up training? Are you an athlete that plays high level sport and can only get so far before the body breaks down? Do you want this to stop? Lissome can help!

This could be a combination of things that are influencing the recurrent niggles, but we will delve into all aspects of your training and get to the bottom of the issue surrounding the injury

We will do this by

  • Analysing your activity or sport in which you experience this recurrent issue
  • Analysing your training and previous flare ups and times these injuries have occurred
  • Analysing your strength and weaknesses that might be influencing the recurrent injury
  • Analysing your movement patterns that are associated with your sport or activity, break them down

What do we do once we have all this information?

  • Create a detailed picture and explanation for why this specific issue could be occurring
  • Give you the tools to be able to commence changing this cycle that has become part of your training life
  • Explain what future changes may be needed to assist with making this issue a thing of the past
  • Recommend any further changes that might be required

We can do this across a number of sports as all our Physiotherapists have had extensive experience across a range of sports including running, swimming, cycling, netball and volleyball to name a few. If you are looking for assessments within your gym and lifting experience, look into our functional rehabilitation.

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Suite 2/130, Bundall Road, Bundall. 4217


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