The expansion of technology has allowed people to become more educated about their conditions, prognosis and treatment. But where there is an abundance of good information there is also an abundance of information that is unverified, opinion or experienced based and definitely does not work for everyone. ‘Friends experience diagnosis’ can also be a culprit of the experience based diagnosis. People tend to know someone that knows someone that has had the same issue and done a certain thing that worked for them. Although pain and injury can present in the same way – the cause can be different and therefore different treatments may be needed for the same pain presentation.

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Most people will have diagnosed themselves prior to even stepping into a physiotherapy or GP practice. The majority of the time this isn’t too harmful but what if self-diagnosis is way outside the curve? What if you start self-treating what Dr. Google or hearsay is telling you and the symptoms get worse?

Without trying to sound bias towards medical professionals – they do have had a large amount of training and education to help either verify or debunk your self-diagnosis. Sometimes these small aches and pains can be easily managed and improved, and other times they may need further investigation, but isn’t it better to get that from the start?


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To put it into perspective – did you know that if you have a sore anterior knee (the front part of your knee around your knee cap) that any one of these – fat pad, patellofemoral joint pathology, patella tendinopathy, lumbar spine & hip pathology to name a few, may be the cause of your pain? So how does Dr Google or the friend of a friend go at differentiating between these different causes? Generally it is the most common that is highlighted – which can be right…..but also can be wrong. And without looking at you and your specific circumstances how does Dr Google know where the symptoms are originating from?

If you have something that your worried enough about to seek Dr. Google or your friend of a friends advice – my advice would be go and talk to a health professional – they know more than you think! Although Dr Google can sometimes be a great adjunct with education – remember that it’s not the end all and be all.

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