Our Accredited Practicing Dietitian Katie Dowling shares some quick easy breakfast ideas for you hard working early risers;

Getting up before the sun can often make you feel like there is inadequate time to prepare a healthy breakfast.  I constantly see my tradie clients skipping breakfast or opting for the unhealthy ‘on the run’ option on the way to work.  Set aside 5-10 minutes each morning to do your body a favour and prepare one of these quick easy breakfasts for improved energy levels and health benefits

  • Baked beans on wholegrain toast (Option: add a quick handful of baby spinach for additional nutrition)

    Gold Coast Physiotherapy

    Soaked Oats – Shape Nutrition

  • Overnight oats (Soak rolled oats, low fat flavoured yoghurt and low fat milk overnight in the fridge) In the morning add chopped fruit or a handful of raw nuts/seeds

  • Weet- bix with low fat milk and fruit

  • Toasted wholegrain English muffin with vegemite and low fat cheese or nut butter

  • Quick breakfast smoothie: Throw 1 x banana, 1 cup low fat milk , 2 dates  and  1/3 cup oats to a blender and mix

Get switching guys!