Physiotherapy in Gold Coast

Physiotherapy incorporates the assessment and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. This includes treatment of the bones, muscles and lissome we believe in individualised and hands on physiotherapy treatment that gets to the bottom of the problem!

1 hour initial appointments
One-on-one treatment every time
Dry Needling
Manual Therapy
In depth assessment to get to bottom of the problem the first time

As triathletes, training is a part of life – but are you someone that is always struggling with those niggles? They never quite stop you from training but they hamper your performance and ability to train at 100%
We have a team who have participated and love triathlon as much as you do. We will only stop you training if we really have too. We aim to get you back to your active self as soon as possible.

How can we help you?

  • Clinical pilates
  • Functional pilates (our sister studio lissome studios)
  • Biomechanical assessment
  • Screening assessments
  • 6 week running technique course
  • 4 week swimming technique course
Do you love to get out and run? Does it clear your mind, but you always seem to be struggling to get to that next level?

Whether its your technique, muscle imbalance or injury Lissome has you covered! Running is a part of our life and we want to help make it a part of yours. Check out our social run and come and start your running journey!

Check out our running services

  • Running technique course
  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Physiotherapy
  • Clinical pilates
We love people getting out and getting active on the weekends! Whether its doing obstacle races, going for a cycle, participating in Park Run its the getting out and about that is important.

At Lissome we aim to improve participation of our weekend warriors by assisting in their overall health and wellbeing. This assists with decreasing injury risk and most of all improving participation!

Check out our Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates and our sister studio Lissome Studios.

Are you following the black line, putting in the the kilometres but not seeing the changes?
Or are you struggling with niggles that you can’t quite get rid of? Whether it is your strength or flexibility that you are struggling with – we can help!
Our swimming technique course starts from the very basics and works our way up through pool and open water swimming. It’s never to late to learn new skills!

Check out

  • 4 week swimming technique courses
  • Clinical pilates
  • Physiotherapy

Lissome’s Physiotherapy Gold Coast service covers a number of different facets from athletes, Private clients, DVA clients and those on Chronic Disease management programs.

Lissome’s Sports Physiotherapists Gold Coast prides themselves on a hands-on patient centred care approach. Lissome incorporates a number of different facets of Sports Physiotherapy treatment techniques including Dry Needling to assist their patients in their recovery.

Lissome has an exercise based rehabilitation approach and offers clinical Pilates in Gold Coast to help with the recovery and ongoing management of their clients. Our extensive initial assessments allow the therapists to get to the bottom of the real issues and treat the cause of these issues. Lissome guarantees one-on-one treatment sessions at all times.

Ready to get a different treatment experience?

Physiotherapy, Pilates, Dietetics, Exercise Physiology.
We have a full range of health services

Suite 2/130, Bundall Road, Bundall. 4217

Suite 2/130, Bundall Road, Bundall. 4217


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