Easter is commonly a time when we are overloaded with enough chocolate and hot cross buns to last a whole year.  So rather than giving someone more chocolate to add to their already overflowing stash of fat and sugar why not aim to start some healthier habits amongst your family or social groups.  Our Dietitian Katie Dowling from Shape Nutrition has come up with some healthier alternatives for Easter gifts below;

Shape Nutrition

Healthy Easter Treats

Healthy treats:

Why not make some healthier alternatives such as chocolate or yoghurt dipped fruit (see recipe below) or Low fat carrot cake muffins.  Try mini carrots with a homemade low fat hummus or carrot dip.  What about some boiled eggs with painted shells?

Herbal tea

Why not spoil someone with a cute little teapot and some special herbal tea such as an apple and cinnamon flavour or a chocolate chai tea.  Way less fat sugar and calories to be consumed!

Gift voucher for a health food store

Why not spoil that special someone with a voucher to a health food store where they can stock up on items they love such as dried fruits, nuts organic produce etc.  Another option could be a voucher for a sports store or a coffee shop depending on the person.

Raw treats cookbook or a healthy food cookbook

Rather than giving the person the tempting treats why not let them choose when they eat them whilst they learn how to make healthier snacks and meals in the meantime.

Magazine subscription to a health magazine

If you can’t afford the whole subscription just purchase one copy and add something small such as a skipping rope, an exercise arm band for a phone or a water bottle. A great healthy food magazine is the ‘Australian healthy food guide’.  See their subscription enquiries and a range of healthy recipes www.healthyfoodguide.com.au