Spoiling mum for Mother’s day by taking her out for a meal? Eating out doesn’t have to be an unhealthy or calorie dense occasion these days. With our busy lives and access to an ever increasing number of fast food outlets we are eating out or choosing takeaway meals much more often. Making healthy choices can be difficult. Our Dietitian Katie Dowling outlines some healthier alternatives and useful tips when choosing takeaways and eating out.

Gold Coast Dietitian

Eating Out: General Ordering Tips –

  • Ask about cooking methods before ordering your meal

  • Choose grilled lean meat, chicken or fish, or those cooked with only a small amount of oil

  • Avoid deep fried foods and creamy sauces where possible

  • Order 2 entrée size dishes rather than an entrée & main course, or just a main course

  • Ask for salad or vegetables to be served without cream or oil based dressings

  • There’s nothing wrong with sharing a meal or asking for a takeaway container, leftovers make for a great lunch for the next day

  • Ask for dressings to be served on the side

  • Ask for a jug of water for the table to fill up on

  • Choose a fruit based dessert or share a desert to limit the calories

    Take Away: General Tips –

  • Try to choose the light, lean or lower fat alternatives if on offer

  • Choose grilled items as these are generally more healthier than fried items

  • Try to avoid meal combos which include fries or chips and ordinary soft drinks

  • Takeaway meals can often be bulked up with extra salad or vegetables at home

  • Try to resist the urge to ‘Up Size’

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