Do you always feel like your run down and tired? Do you feel like your life is going a million miles an hour and you can’t keep up? Do you breakdown 3-4 times per year and just go – this happens, its normal, I’ll rest and get over it?

What if you could help these things? What if you could decrease the number of times your body breaks down? It’s well known that with technology and the world around us being at our fingertips the pressure of getting things done quickly and no matter what continues to grow. The thing is if you don’t look after yourself and put yourself first in your life then you aren’t going to be able to meet the deadlines or other people’s expectations because you and your body will not allow you to.

So what can you do to take charge of your life? Do you know that exercise can actually help to keep your body and mind strong? Shocker right? Then why do so many people put off their well-being to serve other people’s needs? Here are the current guidelines for adults

  • Doing any physical activity is better than doing none. If you currently do no physical activity, start by doing some, and gradually build up to the recommended amount.
  • Be active on most, preferably all, days every week.
  • Accumulate 150 to 300 minutes (2 ½ to 5 hours) of moderate intensity physical activity or 75 to 150 minutes (1 ¼ to 2 ½ hours) of vigorous intensity physical activity, or an equivalent combination of both moderate and vigorous activities, each week.
  • Do muscle strengthening activities on at least 2 days each week.

Do the majority of people do this? From what I see as a practitioner I would say a very small proportion of people do this. Although I love what I do, if people were more active and took better care of themselves I wouldn’t see so many young people with aches and pains that they want a quick fix for.

Unfortunately the quick fix for why these aches and pains are happening isn’t there. The fix is a lifestyle change. Its walking that little bit further rather then driving, its getting on the bike to go down to the corner store, its attending the numerous free exercise classes that GCCC put on year round to keep the Gold Coast Healthy and Active. Get out there – live life and put yourself first for a change!

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