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Our post-natal stream is a great way for mum’s to get back into exercising post pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy and childbirth is an amazing experience but it does takes its toll on the female body. Your strength, ligaments and body structure has changed – Pilates is a great way to safely get back to exercise. It targets the bodies stability and control but because it’s individualised the biggest thing is it targets what you need to target!

Our Physiotherapist, who works in Women’s health, will get a detailed history and assess your capabilities to make a individually tailored exercise program for you. The best part about these classes is the ability to mix your exercise with kids – without having to find someone to look after them.

Here are 7 helpful questions to ponder for all post-natal mumma’s before returning to exercise. 

1. Have you had your abdominal separation checked by a physio?
Did you know your physio can assess your RAD (Rectus Abdominis Diastasis)? Abdominal doming can occur with abdominal sit ups and through any position where there is exertion to the abdominal muscles. Have you noticed doming when getting out of a chair or bed? Physiotherapy can help by assessing and helping you to manage the RAD.

2. Do you have upper back and lower back pain?
Spinal pain can occur due to the changes that happened during pregnancy. Upper back pain can also be exacerbated during this time from long term sitting postures due to putting baby to sleep and feeding. Perhaps consider getting your pain assessed and managed prior to starting an exercise program.

3. Be aware to gently and return to exercise with a graduated strengthening program.
Its helpful to know that a gentle return to exercise is essential so that the pelvic floor muscles (and core/ trunk muscles) can cope with the extra load and pressure.

4. How is your wound going?

You may have a perineal injury from a natural delivery. Perineal injury is caused by the natural labour process. The perineal skin and muscles can tear due to labour or be injured through episiotomy (or both). Tears can range from 1st degree to 4th degree. Be sure that your obstetrician, gynae and woman’s health physio are directing your return to exercise.

For those of you with c-section scars – ideally your return to exercise may vary from 2-6 weeks after labour. Please seek your doctor’s advice when you can start driving and when to lift heavier than baby.

5. Would you like the motivation, support and socialness of a group environment? Or would you like being at home / gym flying solo?

Did you know that there are classes available and suitable for mums who are needing the safe return to exercise AND can tailor exercises for you do to WITH bubs? Mums and Bub’s classes are a great way to get the motivation, support and social environment to help you get your body back!

6. Are you able to contract your deep core muscles and pelvic floor muscles?

There is a lot of evidence that states that supervised core and pelvic floor muscle training is good because because it helps prevent incontinence, and prolapses in the post-partum period (Hay-Smith 2008, Morkved and Bo 2013). Pelvic floor muscle contractions can begin even up to 2 days after natural births, but this should be supervised and very intentional to have a good effect.

The process to get started is easy. Book a Initial Clinical Rehab Assessment either online or call us on (07) 5539 9032.

No matter the reason you would like to start Pilates Classes in Gold Coast – we can help! If you don’t have any injuries but would love to try some affordable boutique classes, check out our sister studio Lissome Studios!

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