There are always days where the bed looks a little more inviting then the run, swim or even work, but there is always our why that gets us out of bed in the morning. For some it might be fitness, others it might be that next race or some its just the joy of exercise. But when the motivation is lacking – what do you use to get yourself out of bed in the morning?

I’ve popped in some awesome quotes that I think will help get anyone out of the joys of slumber and out into the big wide world!

Got This

Sometimes its the simple words of encouragement that we need to get us up and our butts into gear to get out there and complete that next project, do that next exercise session or just face a task, person or problem that is daunting at the time. YOU GOT THIS! Its a saying that goes a long way in giving the confidence we sometimes need.

Don’t forget you are the makers of your own outcomes. So go out there and do something bold and different. Strive for that new venture, set that next goal for the race and never forget – You Got This!Be Consistent


In this day and age there are a lot of people who are striving to be different – to be extreme. But do you need to be extreme to get things done. In some cases….maybe….but most of the time you just need to be consistent. When in comes to work, sport and life the more consistent that you are with those day to day things, the more that you get out of it in the long run. In my experience taking a small amount of risk will pay off – but those big risks can definitely go either way!

When heading out for a run, there is no need to go out and smash yourself every time – you get a lot from an aerobic run, so don’t be shy to do a social run and chat the whole way – your heart will love you for it!

Let's Go


Who’s had these thoughts roll through their head every time when they wake up? I know I have – on multiple occasions! I could also add in – I had a good session yesterday, my legs already hurt or I’ll do it this afternoon (which by the way I rarely do), but nine times out of ten I feel better when I’ve gotten out of bed on that first alarm, resisted the temptation to press snooze and said ‘Let’s go!’.

As Spring has sprung and summer is not far away – this is the ideal time to ditch all those excuses and get out there, embrace the sunrise and go, go, go!




And just because this last quote is super cute – ‘In a world full of apples be a pineapple’. Don’t be too extreme, but be consistent, stop making excuses for why you shouldn’t get up and do things and ALWAYS remember – YOU GOT THIS!


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