Are you one of those people whose job means sitting around for 8 hours a day? Do you think that you can combat all the sitting you do by exercise before or after work? According to a new survey only one in three workers takes the recommended level of exercise for a healthy lifestyle each week. Its always been said that the more exercise that you do, the better off you are going to be, but this can be counteracted by the amount of sitting you do.


So why is sitting so bad? The reasons are not entirely clear but any kind of movement and exercise has a positive effect on the blood fats (triglycerides) and improves blood pressure. Therefore not moving only works to worsen the effects these agents have on your body. Sitting has be linked for a number of years to an increased risk of developing diabetes, cancer and heart problems as well as an increased risk of death. So small changes make a big difference!


Researchers at the Univeristy of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre looked at the effect of 2 hours of sitting and how much exercise was needed to negate it. The researchers showed that sitting for only 2 hours during your day negates the 20 mins of exercise you may do in a different part of the day. They also found that the more you move whilst sitting the better off you are – they suggest figgiting, shifting position regularly, pacing whilst making a phone call or get up and stretch while your thinking.


Happy figgiting!

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