Have you seen the new look Lissome? 

We have recently opened up our Functional Pilates and it means that we are more then equipped to be able to help you with your exercise and rehabilitation journey.

Lissome Physiotherapy and Technique Studios has had a revamp with a new look and logo


but we are still offering the same quality service that you have come to expect from Lissome including
– Clinical Pilates
– Dry Needling
– Bio-mechanical Assessments
– Social Runs
– Hands on tailored Physiotherapy
– Running and Swimming Technique Courses

We have added a new side to our Lissome family called Lissome Studios


Lissome studios is our fitness side of Lissome and offers the Functional Pilates for anyone who is looking to strengthen, tone, or improve their mobility. We offer individualised Pilates for everyone! Through the use of our in house app Phys-Lates, we are able to create individual login’s and exercise programs for people to really target what they need and reach their goals.


The way the two services work together is outlined in the picture below. The whole way through your exercise or rehabilitation journey you will be in touch with our team who have access to a number of health professionals to ensure that you can get through your journey in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible!



If you want any further information visit Lissome Physio or Lissome Studios to check out what we can do for you!