Everyone is looking for the quick fix for their problems and definitely helping with strength can sometimes be the key – but is general strengthening good enough?

In some instances it might be in the short term, but in the long term it may not be quite enough.

Getting some advice on where your strengths and weaknesses lie will assist in targeting the appropriate areas and make sure that they are addressed.  Specific exercise prescription aimed at your weaknesses and length deficits is exactly where Clinical Pilates Classes Gold Coast defines itself from other exercises classes. It is a class run by a qualified Physiotherapist and keeps you on track to assist you with rehabilitating from your injury.

Clinical Pilates keeps you on track with your strength and exercise goals and is continually updated by your Physiotherapist to ensure that you are always being challenged.

Clinical Pilates can be performed on both Mat and Equipment. The Equipment Pilates Studio can be performed on Reformers, Trapeze, Wunda chair and Cadillac. Both are beneficial and can be equally challenging on your strength. The biggest thing is to ensure it is challenging for you, but at the same time within your abilities. If you want to get the individualised treatment but don’t have a previous injury why not try Functional Pilates?

Remember to stay Agile, Nimble and Active.


Alissa Williams


Bachelor Physiotherapy
Bachelor Exercise Science
Graduate Certificate Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Level 1 Triathlon Coach

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